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Margarite Syfert-Hines Memorial Award

Margarite Syfert-Hines (wife of Steve Hines) was involved in living history at Ft. Stanwix National Monument before joining the 4th Tryon County Militia in 1982. She brought with her an extensive knowledge of 18th century culture. Though no stranger to muskets and cannon, Margarite chose to make her greatest contribution to living history in the field of the non-combatants that supported the military. Among the many skills that she possessed was an in-depth knowledge of textile and clothing production, and 18th century food ways. Margarite was always eager to share her knowledge with young and old, re-enactor and public alike. The list of people she tutored in some way or another is too numerous to list.

The Civilian Award was created in 1993 to honor the person that strives to live up to the ideals that Margarite personified. This is a non-combatant that understands that the work they do might not always put them in the forefront, but without them, the soldiers and the army could not stay in the field.

Recipient for 2015 (Awarded at the 2016 Annual Meeting): Janis Tan

Previous recipients:

  •    2014      Trina Frederick
  •    2013      Kathy Clark
  •    2012      Bernadette Weaver
  •    2011
  •    2010      Chris Depta
  •     2009     Toni Lasher
  •     2003     Christine Frederick
  •     2002     Kristin Gitler
  •     2001     Laura Spickerman
  •     2000     Anne Clothier
  •     1999     Shari Yaddaw
  •     1998     Laura Sawyer
  •     1997     Shari Yaddaw
  •     1996     Jennifer Richard-Morrow
  •     1995     Cathy Levee
  •     1994     Amy Crannell
  •     1993     Judy Sherman

1 comment

  1. Jane grace taylor

    I have a portrait I painted of marguarite from life. I think her family was trying to reach me to purchase it but we have not connected .please pass this on to them if you can. She posed for the portrait in colonial clothing.i am afraid once I am gone no one here will preserve it,not knowing who it was.315-292-4126.marguarite was like a mother to me .such a fine lady
    Jane grace taylor

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