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Use the information below to contact a specific Officer within the BVMA.


BVMA/VHA 2017 Executive Board:
President: Bernadette W. 



Vice- President: Roger G. 
Secretary/Documents Master: Lisa E.


Treasurer:Ed S.
Education Coordinator: Chris O.  Events Coordinator: Bob M.
Guild of Artisans, Artificers & Merchants
Teresa Gage, President/Chairperson
Terri Pittman, Secretary/Delegate
James Stewart, Treasurer
BVMA Webmaster
Craig Miller
The BVMA has an email list group (listserv) through Yahoo Groups available to BVMA members, the BVMA list. This list is a valuable source of information for BVMA news and events, as well as a great place to share information and research or ask questions of other members. The list is available to BVMA members only – membership is checked by the list moderator before allowing subscription. If you are denied access to one of the lists and feel that it is in error, contact the List Moderator.The list is part of Yahoo Groups; in order to join you must have a Yahoo ID. To get a Yahoo ID, go to, and register using the link provided. Once you have your yahoo ID, follow the instructions below to join the BVMA list.
BVMA List:
To join the BVMA list, send an email to Please indicate your name and BVMA unit or Guild/BTL affiliation. Or you may go to, and click on the “Join this Group” button.
18th Century Field Music List (open to all, not just BVMA):
Moderator: Ron Glidden This email list was created to assist reenactors in the accurate portrayal of the 18th Century military field musician. It is intended for the discussion of appropriate fifer & drummer portrayals, musical technique, period correct field music, uniforms, event planning, music coordination at events, and any other topic related to the proper use of the field musician in the hobby. List membership is open to anyone interested in enhancing the living history impression of the 18th Century military field musician.To join the 18C Music list, send an email to or log on to and click on the “Join This Group” button.

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  1. James Stewart

    Please update the BVMA website to reflect the Guild of Artisans correctly…
    I will send you a list of 2016 Artisans shortly.

    Guild of Artisans, Artificers & Merchants – Officers
    Teresa Gage, President/Chairperson
    6984 Crooked Brook Road
    Utica, NY 13502-7200
    Phone: 315- 896-6580

    Terri Pittman,
    Secretary/ Delegate
    16 Asprion Road
    Glenmont, NY 12077
    Phone: 518-434-1087

    James Stewart, Treasurer
    18 Scenic Circle
    Rochester, New York, 14624-1008

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