Membership Information

Three general categories of membership in the BVMA are described in detail below:

  • Unit (formerly Regimental) Membership
  • Civilian (Behind the Lines) Membership
  • Guild of Artificers, Artisans & Merchants) Membership
  • Sustaining Membership
Unit Membership:
Unit Membership (Military): any recreated Regiment, Battalion, Company, Corps, Unit, etc. that is organized under a single command structure. To apply for Unit membership, fill out a membership application and send to the BVMA Treasurer. All potential units invited or applying for membership in the BVMA are nominated before the Board of Directors, and a 2/3 vote is necessary before issuing the invitation.
Civilian Membership:
Behind the Lines: Behind the Lines encompasses all Civilian membership of the BVMA. This includes civilians attached to a unit (such as women & children), who are automatically members of the BTL, as well as craftsmen or tradespeople, which may also belong to the Guild of Artificers, Artisans & Merchants.
Guild of Artificers, Artisans & Merchants Membership:
Guild of Artificers, Artisans & Merchants Membership: For Guild membership, please read this Revised Guild Membership Application and send your application to the Guild Treasurer.
Sustaining Membership:
Sustaining membership in the BVMA is for historic sites or associations. The purpose of sustaining membership is to sustain the BVMA in it’s mission to provide historic recreations of events taking place during the 18th century in the Schoharie, Mohawk, and Upper Hudson Valleys. Sustaining membership helps to create cooperation between the BVMA and the sustaining site/association whereby they can coordinate efforts to attain common goals. To apply for Sustaining Membership, fill out a membership application and send to the BVMA Treasurer.
For more information on current sustaining members, please see the Sustaining Members page.


For more information about membership in the BVMA, please contact us.


  1. Bob Ostrowski

    Good afternoon. I am looking to join a unit (military/militia) and stumbled on this site. I was looking for something in my area (I live in Oswego N.Y.) and your organization appears ideal. I was hoping you would be able to help me by pointing me in the right direction. I’ve been reenacting since 1990 primarily civil war era so I am not new to this life style but wanted to broaden my horizons. I’ve always been fascinated with and proud of the history of New York State. Not sure if this email will reach the right person but thought I would give it a shot. Thanks for your time and if you can help please answer. YMHS, Bob Ostrowski.

  2. James Stewart

    I am looking to see the 2014 Guild file posted…
    Description of the BVMA Guild2014.pdf

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