About the BVMA

The Burning of the Valleys Military Association was born in 1990. It was the continuation of the committee that had accomplished a three day reenactment/commemoration of the 1780 Johnson/Brant raid on the Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys, hence the name, Burning of the Valleys. See BVMA History for more information about the birth of the BVMA.

The BVMA is a confederation of civilian groups and units representing Revolutionary War units. Primarily these units are based in the areas of the Mohawk Valley and the Hudson River/Lake Champlain corridor, although we have members other nearby states as well as from Canada.

The BVMA is composed of Congressional and Crown units and civilian groups. At BVMA sponsored and supported events the military side of eighteenth century life is presented with the coordination of the elected and appointed officers of the BVMA. Civilian life is presented in programs sponsored by the Behind the Lines arm of the BVMA. Its members portray the civilian side of eighteenth century life.

Members are dedicated to education and the commemoration of local history through Living History. Yearly, BVMA delegates target several events where members will cooperate for a large event. Previous events accomplished by the BVMA are:

  • Reenactment of Johnson/Brant Raid; three days of ceremonies and battles on original sites over 60 miles from beginning to end.
  • Reenactment of the Battle of Johnstown.
  • Reenactment of the gathering of Clinton’s Brigade at Canajoharie, New York, as part of the 1779 Campaign agains the Iroquois.
  • In 1997, the BVMA, in cooperation with the Living History Association, reenacted the major events of the 1777 Northern Campaign – Mount Independence, Hubbardton, Bennington, Fort Ticonderoga and the Battles of Saratoga. The Turning Point 1777 event was the largest and most ambitious event since the 150th Anniversary Event in 1927. Closing the season was Kingston, held in cooperation with the British Brigade.
  • The 1778 ‘Cobuskill Massacre’ in May, the raid on German Flatts in September, and the ‘Cherry Valley Massacre’ in November.

Throughout the years the BVMA has worked annually with Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, Johnson Hall in Johnstown, and with numerous other sites in the Upper New York State area.

The BVMA continues to grow. The BVMA will continue to preserve and present Revolutionary War and 18th Century Living History well into the 21st Century.

For more information about the history of the BVMA and it’s mission and goals, also see


It was a chilly evening in 1989, and outside of the walls of the Fort Crown Point, Rick Sherman, Noel Levee, Bud Minor, Ram Minor, and Gavin Watt were huddled around a campfire. All came to the collective realization that they had been mulling around in their individual minds — the concept for an event …

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Mission and Goals

Our Mission . . . It is the mission of the BVMA, without dictating individual regimental policy, to provide historic recreations of events taking place in the Schoharie, Mohawk, and Upper Hudson Valleys between the years 1775-1782. Special efforts will always be made to obtain at least two of the following criteria: use original sites …

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