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BVMA Member Units

6th Conn. Regt. Light Coy.
Col. Ichabod Alden’s Regt, Sixth Mass.
2nd Continental Light Dragoons
2nd Continental Artillery
13th Continental Regiment, the Rehoboth Minute Company
1st Ulster County Militia
2nd Regiment Albany County Militia
1st Tryon County Militia
2nd Tryon County Militia
3rd Tryon County Militia
4th Tryon County Militia
Tryon County Battalion of Minutemen, Campbell’s Company
13th Albany County Militia

21st Royal North British Fusiliers
34th Foot – Light Company
60th Foot or Royal American Regt.
King’s 8th
Kings Royal Regiment of New York “Johnson’s Greens” (Honorary)
Butler’s Rangers, Captain Ten Broeck’s Coy.
Butler’s Rangers, John Butler’s Coy.
Butler’s Rangers, Captain Frey’s Company
Queens Rangers (US)
Claus’ Indian Department Rangers
Niagara Indian Department


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  1. John Daly

    Good Morning,

    Could you let me know where to send the unit dues and insurance information for Alden’s 6th Mass. This year we seem to all be going in the same direction, and we’d like to get out as a unit!

    For some odd reason, I can’t access Yahoo from my computer, so I thought i’d try this way to get in contact.

    Thanks for your assistance!

    John Daly

    1. Craig Miller

      Hi John,

      Sorry for the delay in answering but your message didn’t get forwarded to me like it should have. Anyway, notice of the BVMA dues will be sent out after the annual meeting on March 12.


  2. Braden


    I am doing some indexing in genealogy work and I have a document that has the name of a Lt. that was under the command of Col. Ichabod and I am having trouble reading some of the writing. The last name is McKindry or McKendry but the first name is unreadable. I was wondering if there might be a list of officers that were involved and if so if this name was on it. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Braden Gentry

    1. chris Osinski

      HI Braden: Try looking in https://archive.org/stream/newyorkinrevolut02newyuoft/newyorkinrevolut02newyuoft_djvu.txt
      chris Osinski 2nd regt albany co . Militia.

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