The BVMA is composed of a wide range of groups with a variety of interests. These include the military units including artillery and enthusiastic field musicians. In addition, there are also groups with non-combatant interests as well. Our Behind the Lines organization presents the civilian/non-military side of the conflicts in programs, while the Guild of Artisans, Artificers and Merchants present the commercial and “industrial” side of the period.

More detailed information will become available soon for each of these groups in the pages that follow, as well as membership information.


BVMA Member Units

Congressional 6th Conn. Regt. Light Coy. Col. Ichabod Alden’s Regt, Sixth Mass. 2nd Continental Light Dragoons 2nd Continental Artillery 13th Continental Regiment, the Rehoboth Minute Company 1st Ulster County Militia 2nd Regiment Albany County Militia 1st Tryon County Militia 2nd Tryon County Militia 3rd Tryon County Militia 4th Tryon County Militia Tryon County Battalion of …

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Behind the Lines (BTL)

“Behind the Lines” (BTL) is the arm of the BVMA that represents the noncombatant side of 18th century life and includes all civilian members. BTL is responsible for non-military functions and programs such as cultural presentations, civilian programs or activities, youth education, and for presenting the civilian/non-military side of the conflict in programs. The Guild …

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Field Music

Field Music, Then & Now “Field Music” was the collective name given to the fifes and drums of each regiment when they were gathered together to play. While the fifes and drums could provide music for military ceremonies and marching, their most important function was as signalmen. In an era before radios and telecommunications, the …

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Guild Members

Guild of Artisans, Artificers & Merchants . . . The Guild of Artisans, Artificers and Merchants present the commercial and “industrial” side of the 18th Century. We will be posting more information about the Guild soon; in the meantime visit some of our members:     18th Century Toys and Games     Amey’s Adornments     Anderson …

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Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members & Associated Historic Sites . . . Burning of the Valleys Military Association Sustaining membership is afforded to any historic site, association, individuals, etc., but carries no voting privileges, as their purpose is strictly to sustain the Association. Sustaining members are entitled to attend or assign a representative to attend all meetings of …

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