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Mission and Goals

Our Mission . . .

It is the mission of the BVMA, without dictating individual regimental policy, to provide historic recreations of events taking place in the Schoharie, Mohawk, and Upper Hudson Valleys between the years 1775-1782.

Special efforts will always be made to obtain at least two of the following criteria:

  • use original sites when available
  • stage the event as close to the original date as possible
  • recreate the event as accurately as possible, taking special care to include the recreated regiments of those who participated in the actual event
  • to commemorate these events in honor of those who originally served
  • promote pride in the heritage of the region
  • increase public awareness of local history
  • promote tourism throughout the Schoharie and Mohawk and Upper Hudson valleys

Our Goals . . .

In the furtherance of our Mission, the BVMA was formed to achieve the following goals:

  • To form an organization of local, individual units, to promote support for member units’ events and provide a central information base, not only for events, but for research, material, equipment, etc.
  • To provide a strong unified base to other units/events, to air grievances and aid in taking a unified stand on issues both local and otherwise, while at the same time not interfering with or dictating individual unit policy
  • To negotiate for the commemoration of at least one historic event annually in the Schoharie, Mohawk, or Upper Hudson Valleys. Every effort will be made to recreate the action as historically accurately as possible, and to make every possible effort to use the original site
  • To select two or three invitational events that all member units will make efforts to attend in force
  • To attend invitational events with our own organizational command’s structure in place to coordinate with the event command structure. This is to provide for the safety and well being of our individual member units and their own unit command structure/policy
  • To encourage events and other organizations to treat us with the proper respect and consideration due and shown similar organized “umbrella organizations


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