Oct 22

New research resources becoming available to the BVMA membership,

For some years now, many of us in the BVMA and Mohawk/Schoharie Valley Historic Sites have conjectured on the clothing worn by the Palatine Germans in the 1760’s to early 1770’s. Seeing as they were in the valleys by the early 1700’s, we thought that their clothing would be be as up to date with fashion as it was with their Hudson Valley neighbors throughout the century. Living on established trade routes and having a handful of stores which the latest goods were available made good sense. However, now that we have records from stores such as Jelles Fonda, we can actually see what they were purchasing in ready- made goods and materials for the manufacture of clothing. As you will see in the coming months, the Palatines were somewhat different from the Dutch and English in the region in their choice of notions, colors and patterns of fabric, and functionality of their garb.
We wish to thank Mrs. Nancy Ressue and her son John for donating her doctoral research consisting of thesis notes, records, and letters pertaining to the Palatines and their store purchases. These have helped conform some of our earlier conjectures, and with the research on going by Jenna Schnitzer, Chris Osinski, Terry Pittman, and Bernadette Weaver, we continue to be able to put a better light on the Palatines. Those of us portraying Palatines need to pay close attention and adjust our kits according to these new findings as to better represent these through Living History.

Paul Supley

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