Sep 21

Ft Klock participants schedule

Participant Schedule: (subject to change)
Friday Sept 30
*12:00 noon Registration opens -Dutch barn
6:00pm – done –Dinner – at the Ft Klock kitchen area (bring your mess gear)
8:00pm officer’s call – Fort Kitchen
10:30pm- 630am QUIET HOURS
Saturday Oct. 1
830am-930am onsite non-public war games-Klock island
10:00am site opens to public
Camps and demonstrations open to public
1:30pm formation, Inspection, -Dutch Barn area
2:00 pm Raid on the Fort
3:00 pm “GREAT NECESSITY CALLS OUT GREAT VIRTUE” Courageous women of the
Valleys.- Dutch Barn
5:00-630pm camps and demos close to the public
7:00 pm Gavin K.Watt informal talk on the late war valley raids (open to the public)- Kitchen yard (weather permitting) {alternate location -dutch Barn}
Bonfire- kitchen yard weather permitting.
8:00 pm Tavern/bonfire in Kitchen yard ( No alcohol in this area until public leaves please BYOB.)
*11:00pm -6:30AM QUIET HOURS
Sunday Oct 2
830am-930am private war game/tactical Klock Island
10:00am site open to public
10:00 am Worship service (with communion) -Dutch Barn
11:00 am meeting of BVMA bylaw revision committee- Dutch Barn
10:00am -3:00pm camps open to public
10:00am-4:00pm demonstrations open to public
130pm Raid on Schells Bush -Ft Klock
230pm Field Triage Dutch Barn
3:00pm cars allowed into camp areas only.
4:00pm event closes, safe travels!

Notes: Please stay off of the railroad tracks! There may be trains running at all hours.
Porta johns are located in the camp areas and near the barn. There is a modern rest room behind the carriage house which has delicate system.
Water sources are located at the bottom of the hill in front of the American camp and at the rest room behind the carriage house. Wood will be located in camp areas.
Carry it in carry it out. Please plan to take your trash home with you.
Please try to share/limit fire pits when ever possible, the large fire pit in the kitchen yard is available to share, as well as fireplace in the kitchen (limited space).
As representatives of the BVMA and fort Klock Please maintain the highest levels of authenticity, Keep modern items out of sight as much as possible.
The Fort Klock Historic Restoration is a not for profit organization. Please try to be generous, we are helping the site increase their exposure at this event.
In case of emergency call 911, notify commanders or call Captain John Osinski 518 231 8577.
Brush for shelters may be cut on Klock Island . Ask for directions.
BVMA black powder safety regulations apply.

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