Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 17

Noncombatants- we need you!

What exactly is a  noncombatant you ask? gives us this: non·com·bat·ant /ˌnɒnkəmˈbætnt, nɒnˈkɒmbətnt/ Show Spelled [non-kuhm-bat-nt, non-kom-buh-tnt] Show IPA noun 1. a person connected with a military force in some capacity other than that of a fighter, as a surgeon or chaplain. 2. a person who is not directly involved in combat; a civilian in …

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Jan 06


we will be holding 3 sewing events.  The first is January 18,2014 10am-2pm at the Franchere center Mabee farm.  This will be a ladies Jumps workshop and pre registration is required.   Feb 8,2014 10am-2pm Franchere center at Mabee Farm.  this will be an open workshop, finish up projects, ask for help, get help starting …

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