Oct 22

Thomas Diamond 1770 store inventory, Jelles Fonda store ledger

I have added the scans above to the media library section. I have more to be transcribed if anyone has time.
Chris Osinski

Oct 22

New research resources becoming available to the BVMA membership,

For some years now, many of us in the BVMA and Mohawk/Schoharie Valley Historic Sites have conjectured on the clothing worn by the Palatine Germans in the 1760’s to early 1770’s. Seeing as they were in the valleys by the early 1700’s, we thought that their clothing would be be as up to date with fashion as it was with their Hudson Valley neighbors throughout the century. Living on established trade routes and having a handful of stores which the latest goods were available made good sense. However, now that we have records from stores such as Jelles Fonda, we can actually see what they were purchasing in ready- made goods and materials for the manufacture of clothing. As you will see in the coming months, the Palatines were somewhat different from the Dutch and English in the region in their choice of notions, colors and patterns of fabric, and functionality of their garb.
We wish to thank Mrs. Nancy Ressue and her son John for donating her doctoral research consisting of thesis notes, records, and letters pertaining to the Palatines and their store purchases. These have helped conform some of our earlier conjectures, and with the research on going by Jenna Schnitzer, Chris Osinski, Terry Pittman, and Bernadette Weaver, we continue to be able to put a better light on the Palatines. Those of us portraying Palatines need to pay close attention and adjust our kits according to these new findings as to better represent these through Living History.

Paul Supley

Sep 21

Ft Klock participants schedule

Participant Schedule: (subject to change)
Friday Sept 30
*12:00 noon Registration opens -Dutch barn
6:00pm – done –Dinner – at the Ft Klock kitchen area (bring your mess gear)
8:00pm officer’s call – Fort Kitchen
10:30pm- 630am QUIET HOURS
Saturday Oct. 1
830am-930am onsite non-public war games-Klock island
10:00am site opens to public
Camps and demonstrations open to public
1:30pm formation, Inspection, -Dutch Barn area
2:00 pm Raid on the Fort
3:00 pm “GREAT NECESSITY CALLS OUT GREAT VIRTUE” Courageous women of the
Valleys.- Dutch Barn
5:00-630pm camps and demos close to the public
7:00 pm Gavin K.Watt informal talk on the late war valley raids (open to the public)- Kitchen yard (weather permitting) {alternate location -dutch Barn}
Bonfire- kitchen yard weather permitting.
8:00 pm Tavern/bonfire in Kitchen yard ( No alcohol in this area until public leaves please BYOB.)
*11:00pm -6:30AM QUIET HOURS
Sunday Oct 2
830am-930am private war game/tactical Klock Island
10:00am site open to public
10:00 am Worship service (with communion) -Dutch Barn
11:00 am meeting of BVMA bylaw revision committee- Dutch Barn
10:00am -3:00pm camps open to public
10:00am-4:00pm demonstrations open to public
130pm Raid on Schells Bush -Ft Klock
230pm Field Triage Dutch Barn
3:00pm cars allowed into camp areas only.
4:00pm event closes, safe travels!

Notes: Please stay off of the railroad tracks! There may be trains running at all hours.
Porta johns are located in the camp areas and near the barn. There is a modern rest room behind the carriage house which has delicate system.
Water sources are located at the bottom of the hill in front of the American camp and at the rest room behind the carriage house. Wood will be located in camp areas.
Carry it in carry it out. Please plan to take your trash home with you.
Please try to share/limit fire pits when ever possible, the large fire pit in the kitchen yard is available to share, as well as fireplace in the kitchen (limited space).
As representatives of the BVMA and fort Klock Please maintain the highest levels of authenticity, Keep modern items out of sight as much as possible.
The Fort Klock Historic Restoration is a not for profit organization. Please try to be generous, we are helping the site increase their exposure at this event.
In case of emergency call 911, notify commanders or call Captain John Osinski 518 231 8577.
Brush for shelters may be cut on Klock Island . Ask for directions.
BVMA black powder safety regulations apply.

Sep 06

Henry Cooke frock coat workshop

Henry Cooke has agreed to do a workshop on the weekend of November 5-6, 2016. We are seeking a venue and need to have a firm headcount to decide how much space we require.
please respond as soon as possible. Thankyou Chris Osinski

Sep 06

2016 All up Valley event at Ft Klock

OCTOBER 1 & 2, 2016
brought to you by
10:OOAM-4:00PM both days

Friday night dinner will be provided. An accurate headcount is required for this.

SATURDAY (****Both days a private tactical will be held on site at Klock island.)
2:00 pm Recreated Raid on a homestead
3:00 pm “Great necessities call out great virtues” abigail adams : a program highlighting the lives of courageous women on both sides of the American War for Independence.
7:00 pm Noted author on Loyalist History, Gavin K.Watt shares excerpts from his Books (including: BURNING OF THE VALLEYS: Daring Raids From Canada Against the New York Frontier in the Fall of 1780, A DIRTY, TRIFLING PIECE OF BUSINESS, Vol I and II The War as Waged From Canada in 1781)
***This will be followed by an informal Tavern gathering and singing by the fire if we can find someone to lead us in singing and a fiddler or guitar for accompaniment!
SUNDAY- 1:00 pm Recreated Raid on Schells Bush
BOTH DAYS (ongoing) Colonial Life demonstrations, Kids activities, visit living historians’ camps.
*Parking and admission free,
Events/programs subject to change

The Tryons will be host units under the leadership of Bob Metzger. Please send returns to him.

We are asking for participants to demonstrate a skill or art if at all possible,( when not defending or attacking the homestead. ) I am looking for a couple of people to help Kids learn and play 18th century games .

SO far we have kids militia, quill writing, weapons display, natural Dyeing, cooking, baking, tape loom weaving. Home remedies/medical treatments, beer brewing. music.

ideas for demos:Laundry, fire making, button and musket ball making, Spinning, display of trade items, farming practices, kids games, storytelling, schooling. drawing or painting.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you could demonstrate or help out.
Chris Osinski cosinski57@yahoo.com

Feb 28

BVMA Membership Meeting 2016


The annual BVMA membership meeting is scheduled for March 12,2016 10:00am at Mabee Farm in Rotterdam Junction. Please contact cosinski57@yahoo.com ASAP if you plan to attend.
There will be a silent auction to benefit the education committee. Donations are appreciated. Members have an opportunity to set up a table to sell new or used 18th century clothing etc. The fee for this is a quality item for the auction.
Arrive at 9:30am to set up a table.
A light luncheon will follow the meeting. A program by Jenna Schnitzer will be presented after lunch.


Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Dec 10

2016 educational opportunities

Hello all , now that the slow season is almost upon us, I have some ideas for projects to benefit our interpretive programs.
we will have a few opportunities in 2016 to provide some “hands on” interpretive programs for kids. Everyone is encouraged to create a demonstration involoving 18th century life skills, culture etc. The more chances kids have to participate one on one with us, the more history they will retain. At least that’s my theory.

For kids who participate, I would like to be able to give them a tangible “take away”. I plan to create a stock of caps, aprons, neck cloths, buttons, musket balls….well you get the idea.
I am asking for help with the sewing aspect. Caps for girls can be made very simply with scraps of linen or cotton, they can be sewn by hand or machine, workman style caps for boys simply a ” tube” of material tied at the top, cotton or linen, checks, stripes, 18th century inspired prints, or the cap made with 4 pieces of fabric. neck cloths are a triangle of linen or cotton, hemmed on 3 sides, aprons are a simple drawstring rectangle linen or cotton solid, check or stripe.
I am going to ask for a commitment, from you , to help with these items. we have until late June for the revolutionary war era encampment at the Mabee farm and the first weekend in October we will be doing a Rev war event at fort Klock.! ( save the dates on your schedules for these events, more details will be announced.)
I have lots of fabric if anyone needs it for these projects. I’m hoping that our education committee can start a fund to help pay for these in the future if this pilot plan works out..

let me know if you will commit to help, or if you don’t sew, but can provide materials or make the buttons (wood or horn are fine as well as metal) or other items to give away. I will be happy to provide patterns for simple caps etc. If any merchants would like to become involved please speak up!

thanks in advance. I think 2016 can be our best season yet!

Chris Osinski. 2nd regiment Albany county militia, civilian activities coordinator, education committee membe

Sep 15

Stone Fort Days schedule for participants

Stone Fort Days 2015 tentative schedule (internal)

As of 8/21/2015

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 2

Sutlers arrive 12:00

Arrivals are welcomed from 3:00 – 10:00 p.m. on Friday. Friday arrivals will be treated to

Hunter’s Stew. NOTE: To ensure there is sufficient food, you must indicate on the return form that you will be arriving on Friday.

Saturday, October 3

8:00 Officer’s Call

9:00 Formation & safety inspection for volunteers for Middle Fort skirmish

9:30 Formation of volunteers to leave for Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club

10:00 Camps open to the public. All cars must be out of camp.

10:30 “Flag of Truce” vignette and Middle Fort skirmish at Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club

11:00 “People of the Valley” vignette (volunteers will be recruited during the morning formation) Lunch – Haversack rations are encouraged

12:00 Formation of all troops for street battle

12:30 Street battle to the Stone Fort (all troops)

1:00-3:00 Small skirmish detachments out to probe between camps

1:30 “Meeting at the Crossroads” and Civilian Social programs

3:30 “Raid in the Valleys” main battle reenactment (all troops)

4:30 Surgery and Committee of Safety Meeting

7:00 English Country Dance and Tavern recreation

Sunday, October 4

8:00 Formation & safety inspection for off-site tactical

10:00 Camp opens to the public. All cars must be out of camp.

11:00 Divine services

1:00 Formation and Safety Inspection

1:30 “Burning of the Valleys” main battle reenactment

2:30 Surgery

3:00 Artillery demonstration

Additional programs will be scheduled throughout the weekend. Detailed information will be provided at registration.

Apr 15

Fort Plain Museum – First Annual Conference

One week until the registration deadline (Apr 17th).

Register by phone 518-774-5669
Register by email fortplainmuseum@yahoo.com

Conference begins Friday May 1st @ 6pm (early registration @ 4 pm)

Saturday’s 6 Presentations begins at 9 pm (doors open @ 8:30 am for registration)

Bus Tour (2 buses) begins 9 am

Come see 6 Great Historians/Authors!

Todd Braisted – “A hellish plan to go over to the enemy” The Revolutionary War Adventures of Lieutenant Edward McMichael

Don Hagist – The Revolution’s Last Men, the Soldiers Behind the Photographs

Jack Kelly – Band of Giants, the Amateur Soldiers Who Won America’s Independence

James Kirby Martin – Forgotten Allies, the Oneida Indians and the American Revolution

Bruce Venter – Col. John Brown and the Battle of Diamond Island on Lake George

Glenn Williams – The Year of the Hangman, George Washington’s Campaign Against the Iroquois

Feb 27

Old Stone Fort Days Event

February 27, 2015

To our Living History Colleagues,

I am pleased to extend this official invitation to Stone Fort Days Revolutionary War encampment and reenactment, October 3& 4 2015. The event is supported the Burning of the Valleys Military Association (BVMA), the Northern Brigade, and the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR).

The theme of this year’s event is the 235th Anniversary of the October 1780 raid….”The Burning of the Valleys. . . ” This was the largest Loyalist raid during the American Revolution, leaving much of the Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys devastated in its wake.

For those of you who may not be familiar with us, the event takes place on a 25-acre site that includes the Old Stone Fort Museum Complex. The fort itself was built as a church in 1772 and stockaded in 1777 as one of a chain of fortifications along the Schoharie Creek, then on the frontier of Mohawk territory. Known then as the Lower Fort, it was garrisoned almost continuously, often by Continental or State troops, and attacked during Sir John Johnson’s massive raid of October, 1780. Although the stockade was removed in 1785, the original building still stands and has been a museum for 124 years featuring an extensive collection of military artifacts.

There is ample room for parking, camping and a large battlefield. The event generally draws several thousand spectators and is planned and organized by a committee that includes a number of reenactors. A full schedule of day and evening activities is always part of the event. Tactical demonstrations include a raid and burning of a settlement (weather permitting) and historical vignettes based on the event theme. There will be off-site tacticals each day. Period music and dance, a tavern/dance Saturday evening, sutlers, artisans and audience interaction are important components. Firewood, water and straw are provided to reenactors as well as discounts on Museum Store purchases and food. Onsite dinner will be provided to participants Friday upon their arrival.

Stone Fort Days is an invitational event. Only those units who receive an invitation may participate on the battlefield. We do not wish to limit attendance, but we are committed to inviting only those units that have a demonstrated record of safety and authenticity. In order to build our invitation list we urge you to send us contact information of units you can vouch for so we can invite them. Units that do not receive an invitation will by prior arrangement with the host unit. No walk-ons please!

Online registration is linked to the BVMA website (http://bvma.org/wordpress/?page_id=25). In the alternative, please fill out the enclosed pre-registration forms and return as soon as possible. Confirmation letters and further information will be mailed at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact the museum at (518) 295-7192, email: office@schohariehistory.net, or John Osinski, event commander, (518) 827-5429, email: josinski@midtel.net.


Carle J. Kopecky

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