Jan 13

Delegates Meeting

Reminder:   the BVMA delegates meeting will be held on Saturday Jan.17,2015 at 10:30am.  the location will be the FT Plain Museum, 389 Canal St   ( rt 5S)  Ft Plain, NY

hope to see you there,

Chris Osinski

Sep 04

Guidelines for the Battle of Johnstown

BVMA, BAR, Northern Brigade

Battle of Johnstown Event Authenticity Guidelines

September 20 & 21, 2014

We are very pleased there has been a strong interest in attending the Battle of Johnstown. As this is a late war raid event we ask that you follow a few of the guidelines below so that we can provide the public as accurate a picture of the combatants’ late war fighting appearance as possible.

Please DO NOT wear the following:

  • Grenadier or Dragoon Helmets
  • Short Gaiters
  • Doo Rags
  • Regular and Provincial Officers should avoid wearing Indian trappings.

Please do wear/use the following:

  • Gaitered trousers
  • Breeches with mattices
  • Cocked, round hats and caps
  • Blanket rolls
  • Irregulars/militia use market wallets not haversacks if possible
  • Irregulars/militia use wooden canteens or other appropriate water vessels when possible.

Please be prepared to carry the following during the battle. These items will provide as realistic an appearance of a raid on the move as possible.

  • Market wallets
  • Blanket rolls
  • Mess kettle
  • Canteen tin or wooden, other
  • Camp axe

We sincerely hope you understand this request as we ask it only in the vein of providing the public with as accurate a portrayal of the people and events that we interpret.

We look forward to seeing you all in September!

Please forward a copy of your units Liability Insurance to Wade Wells if you have not done so already.

Feb 24

March 1 workshop at Johnson Hall

Date March 1,2014
Time 10:00am
Location Johnson Hall ,Johnstown,NY

“.  We will meet at JH at 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM.  I will put on a crock pot of soup and have bread, bowls, spoons and napkins. Folks can bring whatever else they like.  I will provide needles, thread and fabric swatches for stiching practice.

******I am also willing to trouble shoot a garment for each person.

*********** Folks should RSVP by Friday so I can determine which space we will use”
This is a great opportunity and I am very Grateful to Wade for offering to do this.

Who is going?  I know I wouldn’t miss it

Chris Osinski

Feb 11


Hello Friends,  Its time to start planning the Membership meeting. It will be held at Mabee Farm   1080 Main St. Rotterdam Jct,NY

Arrival time will be 10am  Meeting to start at 10:45am.

This year we have decided to Simplify the luncheon.  Instead of the big potluck, we will be having Soups, Bread, and desserts

We will once again offer the opportunity to sell new or used 18th century items.  the cost of a table is an item for the silent auction. Please arrive to set up at 10am so as not to miss the meeting.

The education committee will present a program after the meeting, followed by lunch and the silent auction.

Toni Lasher and I will be organizing the luncheon we hope that this simple menu will cut clean up time down. Please plan to take home any leftovers.

 When you RSVP we will need the following:

Number of people attending

10 people to donate a crock pot of soup, stew, chili, chowder.

5 people to donate rolls or bread

10 people to donate EASY to serve desserts such as cookies, brownies, cup cakes (no pies, jello etc)

5 people to supply drinks and ice (soda etc)

in addition we will need napkins, cups, bowls, silverware , dessert plates, butter

The BVMA will supply coffee, tea etc

 (we need a volunteer to come early and start coffee.)

 I would like a Volunteer to help with the silent auction items.

contact Chris cosinski57@Yahoo.com or Toni  tonilasher@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Chris Osinski

2nd Regt Albany Cty Militia

Jan 17

Noncombatants- we need you!

What exactly is a  noncombatant you ask?  Dictionary.com gives us this:

/ˌnɒnkəmˈbætnt, nɒnˈkɒmtnt/ Show Spelled [non-kuhm-bat-nt, non-kom-buh-tnt] Show IPA



a person connected with a military force in some capacity other than that of a fighter, as a surgeon or chaplain.

a person who is not directly involved in combat; a civilian in wartime.


not constituting, designed for, or engaged in combat.
SO…… EVERY member of a registered BVMA unit who doesn’t field, might be considered a “non- combatant”.
I am the chairperson of the Behind the lines division of the BVMA organization. We have not been very active in the past few years . That is about to change with your help.! (Please????)
Before the BVMA membership meeting in March, I would like to have a committee in place to
 coordinate  noncombatant/behind the lines/civilian activities.
*****I am asking for 1 (one) volunteer from every registered BVMA unit (both sides) to serve with me on this exciting and important committee!
The Behind The Lines committee (BTLC) will be responsible for: coordinating crowd control during battles, organizing civilian activities such as socials/fashion shows, children’s  activities and interpretive scenarios, both in camp and on the field as requested by the military command staff. We can have a lot of fun with this!
In 2014 we will have 3 BVMA supported events,  all of these events will stress the importance of interpretation/interaction with the public.  It is imperative that we, as the civilian re enactors do our part, after all there we were there too!
So who would like to serve?  Remember, I would like a representative from each and every member unit  ,we will have a brief meeting at the BVMA membership meeting March 22,2014 which will be held at the Mabee Farm in Rotterdam Junction.
****Unit Commanders-  if you have folks who are not on the list would you email or pass this along to your civilian members?
Thank you all in advance for your help!
Chris Osinski  BVMA Behind The Lines Committee
2nd Regt Albany county militia

Jan 06


we will be holding 3 sewing events.  The first is January 18,2014 10am-2pm at the Franchere center Mabee farm.  This will be a ladies Jumps workshop and pre registration is required.


Feb 8,2014 10am-2pm Franchere center at Mabee Farm.  this will be an open workshop, finish up projects, ask for help, get help starting a project. come one come all


Mar 1,2014 time to be announced,  At Johnson Hall Johnstown,NY  Sewing Basics will be covered, or finish a project, get help or start something new.

Nov 21

Knickerbocker Historical Society Schedule

Hello all,

The Knickerbocker Historical Society is setting up their 2014 schedule. To see what they have planned so far this year click on the link below:

Knickerbocker Historical Society 2014 Schedule

Sep 30

Old Stone Fort Days are nearly here

Hello all,

As you know, Old Stone Fort Days are almost here. They are being held this year on October 12th and 13th in Schohary. Here is a link to the site which will fill you in on the schedule and directions. Be there for the last event of the BVMA season. It promises to be a fun weekend for all.

Click here for the Schedule

Click here for Directions

Jul 29


Welcome to the new BVMA.org website.   I, Craig Miller, have taken over the duties of building and maintaining this web site. I hope you enjoy this change of format. More information will be coming in regards to members of the BVMA receiving accounts and being able to make posts to the site.

Much data needs to be updated and I’m sure that additions need to be made to the content. For updates and additions please contact me at csmiller@bvma.org

And I have installed a mobile device theme so those of you with smart phones can connect and not have to look at micro text.